10 really awesome Airbnb places to rent in trendy Stockholm


Stockholm, once named “the most photogenic city in Scandinavia” by CNN, has long been a popular tourist destination. The fact that Vogue recently crowned Södermalm in Stockholm the third coolest neigbourhood in the world shows that Stockholm hasn’t lost it’s cool. With the rise of sites like Airbnb, there are now also a rich selection of cool places to rent in Stockholm.

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Here’s a list of a few of the best Airbnb listings in Stockholm, Sweden.

1. Renovated veteran bus (no longer available)

A fully renovated 1976 bus situated in Bromma outside of Stockholm, with forest surroundings and a lake nearby. Pretty cool!



2. Unique residence floating in water

Rather stay next to water? Well, you can’t come much closer than this. A stone’s throw from the center of Stockholm lies this unique accommodation floating in the water. Take a swim or a walk along the water.


3. Luxury apartement in the city centre (no longer available)

Stay in style. This luxurious apartement hosting up to six people is situated in Norrmalm in the Stockholm city centre.


4. Unique, open-plan loft apartment (no longer available)

A stunning 120 m2, 3 bedroom loft apartment in the trendy Södermalm, Stockholm with large open-plan living area and a rooftop terrace.


5. Tiny house by the sea

Rent your own little house by the sea, just 20 minutes outside of Stockholm. Includes your own jetty, boule court and a stunning view of the sunset and the huge ferries that pass by.


6. Stockholm Writers Cabin

Sleep in a tent on a trampoline, or just stay in the 15 m2 cabin, located on Lidingö in what is said to be Sweden’s oldest community of summerhouses.



7. Loft apartment at Mariaberget (no longer available)

How about this bedroom view of the rooftops of Södermalm? This open flat at Mariaberget in Stockholm comes with a small terrace to the west.



8. House boat with large terrace

If you would love to stay on a boat but one room is too little, why not rent an entire boat? This 140 m2 boat comes with a large terrace and a great location near the city centre.



9. Exclusive apartment in Östermalm (no longer available)

With only a few minutes walk to the island of Djurgården, the Wasa museum, the Skansen open air museum, shopping and much more, this exclusive apartment has the perfect location in the most fashionable parts of Stockholm.


10. Stunning view in the Old Town (no longer available)

Located in the charming Old Town, you could not ask for a better view than this. This apartment has a roof terrace with a wonderful view of the central parts of Stockholm.



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Foursquare comes to Stockholm

foursquare Foursquare is a location-based social network with gaming elements, and it is the latest hype among tech savvy social media users. Its mobile app lets you check-in at different venues and find out where your friends are. Today the site added 15 new European cities (not 14 as published on TechCrunch) to the two existing, London and Amsterdam. Stockholm is one of the new cities that is available as of today. The other cities are Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dublin, Helsinki, Geneva, Madrid, Munich, Manchester, Paris, Prague and Rome.

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PodCamp “unconference” to Stockholm in June

PodCamp Europe is coming to Stockholm 12-13 June. It might be the first unconference, i.e. a conference that is arranged and driven by the participants, to be held in Sweden (?). PodCamp Europe is “a gathering of podcasters, bloggers, and new media professionals & amateurs for two days to share, explore, challenge, and grow our abilities in new media. Learn about audio and video podcasting, blogging, photography, Second Life, Twitter, and all kinds of other new and social media tools.”

Even though I have some other plans for June, I will definitely try to attend this event.

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A creative afternoon

It has been an inspiring afternoon in Stockholm City Hall. As I’m riding the bus home I’m trying to summarize my thoughts about the whole creative class model and I realize that I need to let it sink in for a day or two.

One thing though that I found to be a common theme in the commentaries afterwards was that few were willing to completely accept the notion that Sweden ranked first in the creativity index. There are of course political aspects of that, PJ Anders Linder wrote about that in SvD the other day. More on this later.

Ray Ray rules

Raphael Saadiq made an excellent performance at Berns in Stockholm last night, which on and off was more rock than R&B.

He played most of his best songs except ‘Detroit Girl’, topping it all with a killer version of ‘Get Involved’ to finish off the encore.

The fact that he forgot the words to ‘Chic Like You’ was just charming. Looking forward to next time, Ray Ray.


I must also give 23-year old Swedish soul talent Melo some praise for his show. We will surely hear more from this voice in the near future. Good stuff.

Update: Aftonbladet writes about the concert (but has the wrong photo, the person in the photo is from another concert in another room at Berns last night). More reviews: DN (not online), Norrbottens-Kuriren, SR, SvD.