Sweden is the 4th most socially devoted country on Facebook

Socialbakers have introduced a concept called “socially devoted“, aiming to describe brands and pages on Facebook that excel in fan engagement and social customer care. That same label has now been applied on a country basis to see what countries are the most socially devoted. It turns out that Guatemala is ranked first in Q1, 2013, with an average Response Rate of 93.54% for local brand pages.

Norway is ranked second, followed by the Netherlands and Sweden in fourth place. The complete Top 25 country rankings, based on percentage of answered questions, can be found below:


Top Facebook pages in Sweden – February 2013

Socialbakers have just released statistics for the top Facebook pages in Sweden for February 2013. Some notes about the report:

– One of the top ten brands is actually seeing a decreasing number of fans: the candy Hallonlakritsskalle. It has seen a steady but slow decline for the last six months.


– Just like in January 2013, three out of five top brands by post engagement rates are car brands.

– Four out of the five most socially devoted brands are telecom brands, compared to three last month.

– The #1 media brand by local fans, Vakna! Med The Voice, has lost more than 1,000 fans since the last report in January.

– The number of Swedes on Facebook is down from 4.9 million in January to 4.8 million (monthly active users).

top facebook pages sweden feb 2013

Top Facebook pages in Sweden – December 2012

Socialbakers just released new statistics for top Facebook pages in Sweden, in December 2012.

An interesting change from previous reports is that now local fans from global pages are included. That means for example that Coca-Cola, Ben & Jerry’s  and Converse now all are in the top ten based on number of fans.

facebook pages sweden dec 2012

Top Facebook pages in Sweden in August 2012

Game developer Free Lunch Design is still the Swedish brand with most fans on Facebook, according to the August 2012 report from Socialbakers. The only change in the top 10 list is that Apotekarnes Julmust has been replaced by amusement park Liseberg in the number 10 spot.

The most popular media page, Vakna! med the Voice, had almost zero growth since July, but it is still in a clear lead for the top spot in this list.

Top Swedish Facebook pages August 2012

Top Facebook pages in Sweden – Socialbakers report for July 2012

In the latest report from Socialbakers, the game developer Free Lunch Design is the Swedish brand with most fans on Facebook. As I understand, global pages such as H&M are not included in the local reports.

Vakna! med the Voice is the media page with most fans.

Top Facebook pages for Sweden July 2012 Socialbakers

There may of course be Facebook pages that are not included in Socialbakers’ database. You can suggest pages here.

Socialbakers Facebook report for Sweden – Jan 2012

Just like in the last report (Nov 2011) from Socialbakers, the Body Shop is the brand page in Sweden with the highest level of engagement. OKQ8 is the page with the highes response rate, followed by two Telia pages. In fact, half of the top 10 pages in regards to response rate, are telecom operators.

Vakna! med the Voice is the media page with most fans.


In case you are missing a page that would qualify in the top 10 lists above, please suggest it here.