Socialbakers Facebook report for Sweden – Nov 2011

Since I am an official blogger partner to social media statistics site Socialbakers, I will be posting monthly country reports about Swedish Facebook pages from now on. The first report is for November 2011 (data from Oct 25 to Nov 24) and can be found below. As you can see, there are almost 4.5 million Swedish Facebook users and the top brand in terms of number of fans is the candy Hallonlakritsskalle.

Top page overall in terms of number of fans is the Swedish/Lebanese singer Maher Zain with 3.2 million fans.

The highest level of engagement can be found on the Body Shop’s Swedish page, while Arla has the highest response rate (100% responses to questions on the wall page during the last 30 days) and also the highest Page Score (a Socialbakers metric made up of 30 different parameters).

Socialbakers Social Media Report Facebook Pages Sweden Nov 2011

There are some pages that would make it to the top ten and if you would like to suggest missing pages to Socialbakers you can do it here. I will add a few that I know of.

2 thoughts on “Socialbakers Facebook report for Sweden – Nov 2011”

  1. Hi there, i was woundering how serious this really is?

    Tried to add a page – and were commited to accept Socialbakers to gain access to all of my Facebook-page accounts. Whats that about? What will they do with that power? Please let me know.

  2. @Andreas This was the first report from Socialbakers covering Sweden. They are lacking a lot of pages but many have been added during the last few days. I hope the next report will be more reliable.

    I have added several of Mix Megapol’s pages now, so you don’t have to if you don’t like to connect with Socialbakers.

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