Infographic: H&M vs Spotify on Twitter

H&M is the Swedish brand with most followers on Twitter. But Spotify, which is the second largest brand, creates more engagement around each tweet.

Here is an infographic that illustrates the battle for the top spot among Swedish brands on Twitter. Created with

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H&M and Sony Ericsson among top 50 brands on Facebook

The Ignite Social Media Blog tracks the most popular branded pages on Facebook. In the September update, two Swedish brands are ranked among the top 50 pages. With 8.3 million “fans”, H&M moves up one spot to #32 and Sony Ericsson stays at #50 (with 5.7 million).

Top 10 branded Facebook pages (Sept 2011):

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. Disney
  5. MTV
  6. Starbucks
  7. Oreo
  8. Red Bull
  9. Converse All Stars
  10. Converse

100 Swedish brands now have more than 1,000 followers on Twitter

Swedish brands on Twitter are getting more and more followers. Now there are more than 100 brands or businesses that have 1,000 followers or more, (currently 103 accounts). In January 2011, only 60 accounts had that many followers. Some of them, like H&M, are growing with amazing speed, adding about 70,000 new followers per month to its main corporate account (H&M also have several local accounts).

Swedish brands, avatars on Twitter - by

The top 10 Swedish brands on Twitter in terms of number of followers, are (as of Aug 25, 2011, compared to May 3):

  1. H&M (@hm) – 431,000 (179,900)
  2. Spotify (@spotify) – 161,000 (99,400)
  3. Stardoll (@stardoll) – 134,000 (77,600)
  4. Adland (@adland) – 26,900 (24,500)
  5. Acne Online (@acneonline) – 24,900 (20,500)
  6. Pingdom (@pingdom) – 20,200 (7,200)
  7. Ericsson Labs/Tor Bjorn Minde (@ericssonlabs) – 16,700 (13,700)
  8. Propellerhead (@propellerheadsw) – 10,100 (7,900)
  9. SJ (@SJ_AB) – 9,300 (7,500)
  10. Ericsson Press (@ericssonpress) – 9,300 (7,900)

A fast mover above is Pingdom, which is new on the top ten list. The number of followers have almost tripled since May, 2011.

For a full list of more than 540 Swedish corporate Twitter accounts, check this list.

Top 10 Swedish brands on Twitter

Many brands are considering whether they should have an active presence on Twitter, or not. During the last few years, I have collected close to 500 corporate accounts on my list of Swedish business on Twitter. This list, of course, does not cover all existing corporate accounts, but it is still quite extensive.

About four months ago, I looked at how the top brands, in terms of numbers of followers and Klout score, for example, behaved on Twitter. In January, the list had 350 corporate accounts, now it consists of 471 accounts. You can find my short report from January 2011 on this topic on Slideshare: Today I am publishing a quick follow up to that report and what is striking is that the top brands are gaining new followers at a very high rate. The 10 accounts with most followers have on average increased the number of followers by 41% in just four months.

Brands on Twitter

The top 10 Swedish brands on Twitter in terms of number of followers, are (as of May 3, 2011):

  1. H&M (@hm) – 179,900 (82,100) +119%
  2. Spotify (@spotify) – 99,400 (72,000) +38%
  3. Stardoll (@stardoll) – 77,600 (51,100) +52%
  4. Adland (@adland) – 24,500 (21,400) +14%
  5. Acne Online (@acneonline) – 20,500 (14,600) +40%
  6. Ericsson Labs/Tor Bjorn Minde (@ericssonlabs) – 13,700 (10,800) +27%
  7. Ericsson Press (@ericssonpress) – 7,900 (6,100) +30%
  8. Propellerhead (@propellerheadsw) – 7,900 (5,700) +39%
  9. SJ (@SJ_AB) – 7,500 (5,900) +27%
  10. Sony Ericsson DW (@sonyericssondev) – 7,300 (5,900) +24%

(Note: since I collected this data three days ago, Spotify has passed 100,000 followers)

As you can see, brands like H&M are growing their following very fast, +119% in just four months is quite impressive. The top ten are also exactly the same as four months ago, with only one shift in ranking, Propellerhead has climbed from number 10 to number 8.

In January, 60 accounts had more than 1,000 followers. Now, there are 91 accounts with more than 1,000 followers, with a total of 604,000 followers.

Klout score
Spotify is the Twitter account with the highest Klout score: 72. One interesting new entry on the the list of highest Klout scores is the fairly new account by Hilton Stockholm hotel @HiltonStockholm. The Hilton has only been active since November 2010 but has managed to create content that is being spread across Twitter. The account only has 134 followers, but a Klout score of 60, which is quite high. Klout explains this a little: “Hilton Stockholm has a small but tightly formed network that is highly engaged”.

So businesses and brands that are thinking about using Twitter for marketing or customer service should take note, this is a channel that is growing quickly in importance. Consumers and other stakeholders are happy to follow brands on Twitter and along with Facebook this might be the quickest way to build new and lasting relationships with customers, prospects and other influential people online. What are you waiting for?

Disclaimer: there may of course be accounts that I have missed that would make the top ten list.

Spotify the second Swedish brand to reach 100,000 followers on Twitter

Spotify, the digital music service, just reached 100,000 followers on Twitter. That makes it the second Swedish brand to reach that milestone, after H&M (in March 2011). In fact, probably also the second Nordic brand, since I know of no other corporate Twitter accounts from the Nordic countries that has that many followers. Nokia is a strong contender, but the Finnish company is currently at 76,000 followers.

Congratulations to Spotify.

Spotify on Twitter

It seems that @MissMarianneH is follower no 100,000.

Footnote: I know that number of followers is not everything, but it is one metric that can be used.

H&M reaches 200,000 followers on Twitter with glocal strategy

The Swedish clothing retailer H&M reached 100,000 followers on Twitter this week, which is a first for a Swedish company. But that is just for its main account @hm. In fact, H&M is followed by twice as many, if you combine the number of users that follow the company’s 28 Twitter accounts: in total 201,000.

HM graph Twitter

It is very interesting to study H&M’s strategy, to complement a global account with accounts for local markets and that they are branded in a similar fashion (@hm plus country). The company today has one global account with 101,000 followers (@hm), one old general news account that is not used any longer (@HM_News) and 26 geographic accounts (25 countries and one province – Quebec in Canada). To see a full list of accounts, see this list of H&M on Twitter.

Top ten H&M accounts (by number of followers):

  1. @hm – 101,000
  2. @hmusa – 34,500
  3. @hmdeutschland – 11,400
  4. @hmunitedkingdom – 10,800
  5. @hmcanada – 9,800
  6. @hmespana – 7,200
  7. @hmjapan – 5,000
  8. @HM_News (no longer in use) – 4,800
  9. @hmfrance – 2,700
  10. @hmsouthkorea – 2,600

If we compare the countries were H&M has stores and rank them by sales (for stats, see this pdf) we see that Germany, France, USA and the UK are the company’s biggest markets (left column below). But the company has most followers in USA, Germany, UK and Canada (right column below). Switzerland is another top market but H&M does not have a specific Swiss Twitter account yet (Update: there is a Swiss account at @hmsuisse, but it is not yet active). South Korea is one of H&M’s smallest markets, but that local account has already attracted 2,600 followers.

H&M rank countries by sales vs by Twitter followers

With this strategy H&M is able to reach more than 200,000 people on Twitter, many of them in their local language. All country accounts are in local language except the accounts from the Middle East and Turkey. Update: @hmturkyie is in fact in Turkish.