Top Facebook pages in Sweden – February 2013

Socialbakers have just released statistics for the top Facebook pages in Sweden for February 2013. Some notes about the report:

– One of the top ten brands is actually seeing a decreasing number of fans: the candy Hallonlakritsskalle. It has seen a steady but slow decline for the last six months.


– Just like in January 2013, three out of five top brands by post engagement rates are car brands.

– Four out of the five most socially devoted brands are telecom brands, compared to three last month.

– The #1 media brand by local fans, Vakna! Med The Voice, has lost more than 1,000 fans since the last report in January.

– The number of Swedes on Facebook is down from 4.9 million in January to 4.8 million (monthly active users).

top facebook pages sweden feb 2013

3 thoughts on “Top Facebook pages in Sweden – February 2013”

  1. Hi Kris, I think the decline for the candy bar page is due to the difficulty of remaining relevant. They’ve been great at creating inspiring and fun content, but maybe had trouble reinventing themselves. After a while, people get bored and leave. After all, it’s just a tiny piece of candy and the competition in the news feed is fierce.

  2. I would not be surprised to see facebook being over taken world wide by some thing new, Facebook raise to power was fast and the fall might be as fast if a new trendy social media came along promising bigger and better thing, or is it happening already…..

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