Ray Ray rules

Raphael Saadiq made an excellent performance at Berns in Stockholm last night, which on and off was more rock than R&B.

He played most of his best songs except ‘Detroit Girl’, topping it all with a killer version of ‘Get Involved’ to finish off the encore.

The fact that he forgot the words to ‘Chic Like You’ was just charming. Looking forward to next time, Ray Ray.


I must also give 23-year old Swedish soul talent Melo some praise for his show. We will surely hear more from this voice in the near future. Good stuff.

Update: Aftonbladet writes about the concert (but has the wrong photo, the person in the photo is from another concert in another room at Berns last night). More reviews: DN (not online), Norrbottens-Kuriren, SR, SvD.