My Technorati cosmos doubled in a day

A few days ago Technorati suddenly said that the number of links to my blog are about 354, up from about 177 in no-time. Naturally I began to wonder why this figure is double the amount from the day before? It seems that Technorati has been doing some changes to the way they count incoming links and now displays links from blogs over the last six months. I’m unsure if this is the reason though.

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Washington Post’s smart use of Technorati

Oh, this is really neat. I only wish I had written something smarter in my previous post. Washington Post publishes links to “what bloggers say” about their online articles. It’s a very clever way of helping readers get more views on a certain topic.

Update: I didn’t realize how new this initiative was. Apparently a press release about the co-operation between Washington Post and Technorati was issued just the day before my post.

“ today announced that it has partnered with blog search company Technorati to offer its readers the opportunity to view comments and opinions about articles and editorials from around the blogosphere. The service will search millions of blogs for postings and feature links to the most blogged about articles and the liveliest web discussions on content.”

Add Technorati to your browser

Technorati have launched a beta version of a new cool feature called Technorati This. Add it to your Links Toolbar and you can access Technorati from your browser, no matter what page you’re viewing.

You can use the Technorati This favelet in three ways:

– Select some text on any web page. Click the Technorati This favelet and it will search over 4.7 million weblogs for that text.

– While browsing any web page, click the Technorati This favelet and it will show you what bloggers are saying about that page right now.

– If the browser window is empty when you click the Technorati This favelet, it will ask you for a keyword or URL to search for.

More about Technorati This here.

Other useful favelets to add to your toolbar can be found here, for example Babelfish translations from Italian, French, German and Spanish into English. Finally I can read La Gazetta dello Sport in English.

15 minutes of fame

I was almost Slashdotted (or in my case “Scripted”) the other day. When checking the stats for my blog I noticed three times as many visitors on May 11 (about 180 page visits) than on a normal day, which I found odd, especially since I hadn’t posted anything that day. When going through the referring links I found a post from Scripting News which I later realized is an established blog, even ranked #17 on Technorati Top 100. It’s really silly, but seeing that your blog actually has an audience is quite an ego booster.