Media Culpa is #6 on HubSpot Hot 100 Marketing Blogs

I’m very proud that Media Culpa has been included in HubSpot Hot 100 Marketing Blogs, a list of top blogs about online marketing.

My blog is currently ranked surprisingly high, at #6, which is extremely flattering considering all the industry luminaries that are included. The ranking is performed by the Blog Grader tool and the report card for my blog can be found here.

Three Swedish blogs on AdAge Power 150

Here is a new analysis of the AdAge Power 150 list, broken down into country of origin and with a focus on non-US blogs. I haven’t blogged that frequently the last few months, so my rankings have been slipping. Still it’s great to see that Adland, Blog of Ronnestam and Media Culpa defend the Swedish colours, placing Sweden among the top non-English language countries.

AdAge Power 150 is a ranking of the world’s most influential marketing blogs.

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Top European media and marketing blogs

Nick Burcher of ZED Media has taken a closer look at the AdAge Power 150 ranking of the world’s top media and marketing blogs and listed the top 113 European blogs. Congratulations to Åsk ‘Dabitch’ Wäppling for grabbing the second place with her advertising blog Adland. Blogs about advertising are the most popular and it was also interesting to note that the top five spots were claimed by non-UK blogs.

My blog is in a flattering 15th place. Full list here.

Top 15 European media and marketing blogs for 19th July 2008 (Power 150 global ranking):

1 (21) Adverblog – ITALY
2 (22) Adland – SWEDEN
3 (23) I believe in adv – ITALY
4 (33) Niche Marketing – POLAND
5 (35) Adverbox – ITALY
6 (45) Russell Davies – ENGLAND
7 (49) David Airey – SCOTLAND
8 (50) Osocio – HOLLAND
9 (51) Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog – BELGIUM
10 (53) Blogstorm – ENGLAND
11 (60) Neville Hobson – ENGLAND
12 (62) Joost De Valk’s SEO Blog – HOLLAND
13 (82) Adliterate – ENGLAND
14 (91) Only Dead Fish – ENGLAND
15 (104) Media Culpa – SWEDEN

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