Three Swedish blogs on AdAge Power 150

Here is a new analysis of the AdAge Power 150 list, broken down into country of origin and with a focus on non-US blogs. I haven’t blogged that frequently the last few months, so my rankings have been slipping. Still it’s great to see that Adland, Blog of Ronnestam and Media Culpa defend the Swedish colours, placing Sweden among the top non-English language countries.

AdAge Power 150 is a ranking of the world’s most influential marketing blogs.

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A global top blog, or something like that…

You are currently reading one of the top 100 marketing blogs in the world, at least if you should believe Todd And’s list The Power 150 – Top Marketing Blogs. He is running an ambitious project which lists top blogs based on a number of factors like Google PageRank, Technorati links, Bloglines subscribers and Todd’s own opinion. Media Culpa is currently at number 71 in the list. Thanks Todd.

Adland is at number 25. Congrats Åsk.