John Edwards hit by vandals in Second Life

Today the Stockholm city executive board will decide on a new policy against graffiti. All graffiti on city property will be removed within 24 hours according to the new policy which is an attempt to make Stockholm as clean as Helsinki. But not only real buildings can be the target for such vandalism, it can also be found in virtual worlds like Second Life. Apparently the Second Life headquarters of US presidential candidate John Edwards “suffered an attack by vandals last week, when shortly before midnight, the virtual building was defaced by a group of Second Life users bearing “Bush ’08” tags.”

MediaPost writes that this wasn’t “the first high-profile attack Second Life has seen. In December, when CNET interviewed controversial Second Life businesswoman Anshe Chung, a virtual real estate dealer who has been described as Second Life’s first millionaire, the theater was attacked by griefers who bombarded Chung with flying, animated phalluses.”

Virtual insanity, sort of…

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