Zlatan and Henke won’t be blogging the World Cup

It looks like the Swedish football team will be subject to a no-blog policy during the World Cup 2006, just like the German team.

– I can’t imagine that there will be other rules than during the last European Championships, Lars Richt of the Swedish Football Association told Aftonbladet.

The Swedish FA implemented a new policy for the last WC in Japan and Korea 2002 that said players could not write columns in newspapers during the tournament. Richt says that blogging will be included in the policy.

Unfortunate web design

Sweden’s football team faces Hungary tonight in an important World Cup qualifier. Hungary’s national coach Lothar Matthäus is not a shy man, and why should he be, considering his outstanding career? His advanced website includes a wide range of information for his fans, including a gallery of current and previous wives/girlfriends. Does the current Mrs. approve, one wonders. The layout of the gallery is also unfortunate, almost implying there’s room for one more…