Corporate blogs to double in 2006

JupiterResearch say that “deployment of corporate blogs will double in 2006”. According to their research 35 percent of large companies plan to launch corporate blogs this year. In addition to the existing 34 percent, “nearly 70 percent of all site operators will have implemented corporate blogs by the end of 2006”. I find that a little hard to believe, but I haven’t seen the research behind the numbers.

The report also says that “currently 64 percent of executives spend less than $500,000 to deploy and manage corporate Weblogs”. I’m not sure how to interpret those numbers but you must admit that you get a little curious about how 36 percent manage to spend above $500,000 when these babies are practically a no-cost communications channel.

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Carr on corporate blogs

Nicholas “IT doesn’t matter” Carr gives his seven tips for corporate blogging.

– Don’t do it. If you have no compelling business reason to get involved in the blogosphere, then don’t.

– Use blogs to advance your business interests.

– Stick to your goals.

– Choose your bloggers wisely.

– Assign blogging buddies.

– Be wary of allowing comments.

– Call in the lawyers.

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Tips for corporate blogging

Mark Kingdon has a set of good tips for corporate bloggers.

– Designate an editor.

– Don’t be too precious about it, but do have a purpose.

– Content is king.

– Develop a content engine.

– Have an editorial policy.

– Experiment, learn, and evolve.

– Make it a core part of your marketing strategy.

– Be patient and watch your audience grow.

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Top concerns about corporate blogging

Peppercom has done a survey on corporate blogs that says ghostwriting and commercialization are the most common mistakes corporations make when blogging.

The key findings show that:

– 72% of PR and marketing professionals cite the creation of artificial, overly promotional corporate blogs as the principal mistake that companies make when attempting to blog.
– In addition, 50% cite “obvious ghostwriting” as another significant blunder that they have witnessed with corporate blogs.
– 50% also cite companies that just “blog for blog’s sake” as a problem that they have seen.

On the positive side, the survey showed that:

– Most respondents (62%) agree that the blogosphere is an appropriate venue for corporations to communicate with stakeholders.
– 80% of respondents feel that a corporate blog can help improve the dialogue between a company and its stakeholders, customers, and employees.
– 79% feel that a corporate blog helps position the company / chief blogger as a thought leader.

Link via Communication Overtones.

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