Bob the Builder gets a remake. Twitter says “can you fix it?”

Toy maker Mattel yesterday unveiled a makeover of the character Bob the Builder, with a taller, slimmer and younger look. But the new computer generated Bob has not landed well with the social media audience.

New Bob the Builder

On Facebook, Bob the Builder has close to 2 million followers, but the page hasn’t been updated since January. Now would probably be a good time to start engaging with the audience again, since the page is attracting a lot of comments and most of them are negative.

Some comments:

“I like your new look as a deformed, child-faced freak.”

“Bob plz don’t get plastic surgery in 2015 u look fab as u are”

“God! Bob the Builder has been destroyed!”

The sentiment on Twitter is similar. Here are some of the most recent tweets:

Even Curtis Jobling, who once designed the original character, is unconvinced.

“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” he said. “I was surprised to see the new design. My original designs captured children all over the world.”

Ingredients for effective online advertising

Dynamic Logic have identified what the most effective online branding campaigns of 2006 have in common:

– Keep it visually simple. Stick to little text and beautiful product shots.
– Put the brand front and center.
– Align online and offline campaigns. What’s happening in other media can reinforce the online message and vice versa.
– Incorporate video and rich media.
– Add interactivity.

10 new rules of branding

Chief Marketer lists the 10 new rules of branding.

1) Brands that influence culture sell more; culture is the new catalyst for growth.
2) A brand with no point of view has no point; full-flavor branding is in, vanilla is out.
3) Today’s consumer is leading from the front; this is the smartest generation to have ever walked the planet.
4) Customize wherever and whenever you can; customization is tomorrow’s killer whale.
5) Forget the transaction, just give me an experience; the mandate is simple: Wow them every day, every way.
6) Deliver clarity at point of purchase; be obsessive about presentation.
7) You are only as good as your weakest link; do you know where you’re vulnerable?
8) Social responsibility is no longer an option; what’s your cause, what’s your contribution?
9) Pulse, pace, and passion really make a difference; had your heartbeat checked recently?
10) Innovation is the new boardroom favorite.

Hat tip to PR Machine.