Journalism award for YouTube music list


The Swedish journalism awards were handed out on a gala event last night in Stockholm. Prizes were given in four categories and Dagens Nyheter’s Fredrik Strage won the Innovator of the Year category for his list called “The 100 biggest rock moments on YouTube”. The number one moment was a concert with The Cramps in Napa State Mental Hospital in California, June 13 1978.

– At least 30-40 percent of the video clips on the list are there on the initative of readers who have influenced me and given me tips, said Strage in DN.

Strage is always an entertaining writer and one of the leading music journalists in Sweden. Unfortunately I haven’t paid much attention to his Youtubiana list, but others have. Most of the blog links to the list comes from competing daily Svenska Dagbladet who even copied the format with its own top 33 YouTube moments from the political scene. And I like how SvD have been entirely transparent about where they got the idea – “this is a concept we stole from Fredrik Strage but applied on our favourite topics”. Today SvD congratulates Strage, adding (tounge-in-cheek) that it must mean that the SvD blog is the winner in the rip-off of the year category.

So you can say there has been progress in a journalistic sense on several levels. Not only that the award goes to a journalist who uses the readers to co-create the content, it is also purely online based content. On top of that, a few years ago you would never see a competing paper copy a concept like that and then openly give credit back to the original, with links and all. Something truly has happened to journalism.

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24 nominees for Swedish PR award Spinn 2007

Out of the 76 entries that were submitted to the Swedish PR award Spinn 2007, the following have been nominated:

B2B (Årets business-to-businesskampanj):
Svensk Mjölk – Guldmedaljen 2007
Prime PR/Allers förlag – Allers kan kvinnor
Prime PR/TelisaSonera – Sommarens kioskvältare
Andréasson Public Relations /Netstar – Communityn, från lekstuga till

Consumer (Årets konsumentkampanj):
Prime PR/Svenska McDonald’s – Nya Happy Meal
Prime PR/TeliaSonera – Julhälsningar via SMS
Prime PR/adidas – “Kom ombytt”
Mahir PR/Universal Records – Martin Stenmarck
Goody Bag/Swiss Masai Sverige – MBT (Världens minsta gym)
Edelman/Microsoft XBox – Lanseringen av Halo 3

Integrated campaign (Årets integrerade kampanj):
Sargasso/Twentieth Century Fox – Simpsons The Movie
Full Tank/Linné 2007 – Mr. Flower Power Linné 2007
Edelman/Naturvårdsverket – Batteriinsamlingen
Prime PR/adidas – “Kom ombytt”

Spokesperson of the year (Årets talesperson):
Edelman/Naturvårdsverket – Batteriinsamlingen
Text 100/Symantec – Per Hellqvist tar IT-säkerhet till folkhemmet
Spotlight PR/Telge Kraft – Ekundernas vän mot eljättarna

Event of the year (Årets event):
Edelman/Microsoft XBox – Lanseringen av Halo 3
Sargasso/Enosvezia – Hemmafester med Ramon Bilbao
Progress PR/BMW Sweden – “Vi har planer för framtiden, har du?”
JMW Kommunikation /Cycleurope Crescent – North Pole Bike Extreme by Crescent

Digital campaign (Årets digitala kampanj):
Re:Public Relations och Mikaela & Helena Reklambyrå/Sveriges Mediebyårer – Floskeltoppen, Stockholm Media Week
Prime PR/Nokia Multimedia – Nokia N73: “Grymma stövlar”
Prime PR/Libresse – Libresse, Let’s Design!

Winners will be announced on Nov 21 in Stockholm.

Updated: One nominee was missing in the press release from the Association of Public Relations Consultancies in Sweden (!) and it has been added to the Integrated Category making it 24 in total.

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