We will say no

Can you say no? Radisson SAS hotels got mocked last year for having sexist ads with slogans like “It’s easy to sleep with the best in Scandinavia”, accompanied by photos of a seductive woman on a bed.

I actually thought they had cleaned up their act, but this morning they are back with new ads in Dagens Industri with the same seductress. The headline reads “Can you say no?”. Wake up or consumers will actually say no to Radisson SAS.

Moss – the perfect poker face

Kate Moss has been offered £5m to front the online poker site nine.com, according to Brand Republic (reg. required). The gambling site has offered Moss a five-year contract to be the face of its new campaign. The contract would come with restrictions, including time in rehab and monitoring to prove she is not taking drugs. Moss was also asked to participate in a nine.com-sponsored anti-drugs campaign aimed at students.

Jack Abrams, a nine.com spokesman, said: “We did a quick focus group with some customers to see if they would be offended in any way and the response was an overwhelming, ‘No — please get Kate Moss as your spokesperson’.”

Sure, poker players would vote for Spongebob Squarepants as spokesperson, as long as it would lure more players into the game.

Jessica Simpson to replace Kate Moss

Marketing weekly Resumé claims that pop princess and Newlyweds star Jessica Simpson will replace Kate Moss in the advertising campaign for Swedish clothier H&M;’s new Stella McCartney collection.

H&M; of course declined to comment on the speculations. Should this be true it is cause for a celebration with a plate of buffalo wings, unless you like Simpson “don’t eat buffalo”.

iPod – therefore I have no life?

Geez, when will the hype end?

Top searches on Technorati this hour:

1. “Ipod Nano”
2. Katrina
3. Apple
4. “Impeach Bush”
5. Ipod
6. “Barbara Bush”
7. “Itunes 5”
8. Itunes
9. “Kanye West”
10. Rokr

If you can read Swedish and are able to pick up a copy of Nöjesguiden, please check out the anti-iPod column in the beginning of the paper. It’s brilliant. Then rant or rave, depending on your preferences for little expensive white gadgets.