How to install the drop down menu for suggested accounts on Instagram

A while back, Instagram introduced a new feature where you would see an arrow and a drop down menu next to the follow button on some Instagram accounts. The menu shows other accounts that are similar to the one you are looking at. But not every account had this menu and it was unclear who got it. I speculated that only accounts with a certain number of followers got it, but now I think I have found the solution.

If you log in to your Instagram account on a desktop and edit your profile you will find a box at the bottom of that page. If you tick the box that says “suggested accounts” then Instagram will add the arrow and the drop down menu to your account. This also means that your account will appear on other similar profiles as a suggested account. Please note that you need to have a public profile in order for this to work.


I tried it myself and logged in to a second account to see if it worked. I already had the menu on my profile which looked like this.


When I unticked the box the arrow disappeared.


I then went back again and ticked the box and the arrow came back.

Does this work for you? (Note: you can’t see it if you look at your own account)

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UPDATE 2: Even if you follow the description above, it doesn’t mean that you automatically will get the arrow. Some do and some don’t and at the moment I have not been able to figure out why.

UPDATE: There is a rumour that if you don’t have the arrow on your account it will be deleted on Jan 1, 2015. This is just a hoax, your account won’t be deleted and you don’t need to get it verified.

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66 thoughts on “How to install the drop down menu for suggested accounts on Instagram”

  1. I’ve tried about a million times to get the suggestion arrow nothing’s working at all. my page is public I deleted the app re downloaded I signed in from desktop I updated the app nothing’s working the arrow still isn’t there. HELP!!

  2. The suggested-users bar is a slickly implemented feature that doesn’t disrupt what you were doing in the first place, which is a plus. We played with it a bit and found that, for now at least, the new suggestions menu only pops up when we start following a notable brand or someone with a substantial amount of followers. Unfollowing and refollowing a few friends with around 7,000 users didn’t do the trick, but @nytimesfashion, @myharto and @stumptowncoffee all cued the new menu.

    The suggestions so far have been spot-on: When we followed Portland’s premier coffee roaster, Instagram suggested @bluebottle and @acehotel, just like it had read our impossibly hip, overcaffeinated minds.

  3. How does it select the profiles for “suggestion” to follow. On my friends account there are always the same three accounts for suggestions. How does instagram decide to suggest these accounts over others?

  4. I checked it, but it doesn’t work. I am very confused? Ig: naturelover_photography

  5. I don’t want ” them” to suggest those to follow…..I want to add them MYSELF to reflect MY suggestions…:-/

  6. My account would not let me do it so is there any onther way i can make it happen

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