Instagram adds suggested accounts in drop down menu

I’ve blogged about recent changes to Instagram and today I discovered another new addition to the popular app. Instagram is obviously adding improvements that will make it easier to follow new accounts. The one I just noticed is a drop down menu next to the follow button on a profile page.

When you click on the arrow Instagram shows three suggested accounts to follow that are similar to the one you are watching. A clever little feature that probably will contribute to the growth of connections among accounts.

instagram drop down menu


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UPDATE: Here’s how you can add the drop down menu to your Instagram account.

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  1. I haven’t been able to find out exactly why some accounts have this drop down menu. It’s nothing you can do to activate it, Instagram decides who gets it and it seems that accounts with more than 1000 followers stand a better chance of getting it, but I have also seen accounts with less followers who have it. I will update this post as soon as I find an answer.

  2. I want the drop down box and now there are rumors saying if you don’t have it your Instagram will be deactivated and I’m on Instagram everyday so my account is not poorly used and I have more than 1k followers oh and fmoig @trendy.shayy

  3. I’ve noticed that accounts with 100 followers or more seem to have it. I have two accounts and one has 477 followers and the other has only 63. I have many friends that have over 100 followers and they all have the drop down, however my friends with under 100 followers don’t. There is also a thing about if you don’t have the drop down, your Instagram is being deleted, but I’m 99% sure it’s fake.

  4. I see a ton of them Y well under the 500 Mark that have the drop-down button. It says if you logon to your desktop computer go to your settings you can check the box that says suggested followers. Mine is checked but I still don’t have it. I’m over 1600 followers

  5. I heard you get the arrow if your page is public. If it’s private you don’t have one. not sure if it’s true

  6. Just make sure your page isn’t private and you automatically recieve the drop down menu

  7. I think the reason some people have the arrow and others don’t is because they have updated their instagram app. We wouldn’t be able to see our arrows because we can’t follow ourselves. Lol. Ask to view your page from your friend’s phones and you should see the arrow!

  8. Hi guys, I figured out how to get the drop down box onto your profile. Once you make your page public (turn it off private) a drop down box will appear on your profile when others view your profile.

  9. It works by if you’re on private or not on private. So if you’re on private you will not get it but if you’re not on private it will show up.

  10. The drop down box only appears if you have a public Instagram account. Wen your account is public you yourself can not see the drop box but other users can. If you want to know who your suggested people are then I would recommend asking a friend to show you through their Instagram 🙂 hope this helps x

  11. I have got a drop down how do I remove it and put my followers instead of the Un known ppl in my drop dowm

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