Millions becomes billions becomes deleted article

While we are still puzzled over why Dagens Media has closed its blog, we can find another example today of an online publication that deletes an article that didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to.

DagensPS made a re-write of an article in Dagens Industri (not online, but reported here by Dagens Nyheter, and no, not all media in Sweden are called something with ‘Dagens’, only half of them are…). The article in DI talks about the re-branding of FöreningsSparbanken to Swedbank and how the bank had invested 46.5 million kronor (about 5 million euro) in Q4 2006 in advertising. But DagensPS got it wrong and wrote that the bank had invested 46.5 billion kronor, a sum that is 50 percent higher than the total of all advertising spending in Sweden during 2006 (30 billion kronor).

“Swedbanks nya varumärke har kostat banken mångmiljarder
Swedbanks namnbyte har kostat 46,5 miljarder kronor i medieköp.”

When the mistake was discovered the article was simply deleted from the site, although a plug for the article was still visible on the front page. When I check back just before lunch a new version of the article is up here.