Facebook is growing fast

The most well-known of the global social networking sites is obviously MySpace with in excess of 100 million registered users. But other sites are also thriving in its shadow, like Facebook for example. Carolyn Abram presents some impressive statistics:

– Facebook grew from 7.5 million users last July to almost 18 million users now. Over half of the users log in daily.
– The site has 30 billion page views monthly, is the 6th most trafficked US site and account for 1% of all time spent on the internet.
– There are more than 1 billion photos on the site.

Shel Israel has a great comment:

” If you are a marketing professional and you continue to ignore stats like these, my urgent advice is pay attention. A whole generation [is] absorbed in the social media and if you overlook them, you may have a future career in the restaurant service industry.”