Did Rislund fabricate quotes?

Dagens Media and Niclas Rislund seems to be a combination that attracts a lot of interest this week, to put it mildly. Now Gunnar Strömblad, the Managing Director of Schibsted Sweden, tells the competing marketing weekly Resumé that Rislund has fabricated quotes with Schibsted’s CEO Kjell Aamodt in an article in today’s Dagens Media (not online).

– I have spoken to Kjell Aamot several times this morning and we have made sure that the interview never happened. Niclas Rislund has not done an interview with Kjell Aamot. It is pure fabrication, Gunnar Strömblad tells Resume.se.

– It’s word against word, I won’t comment more than that at the moment, says Dagens Media’s Chief Editor Rolf van den Brink. [my translations]