Spanish blog survey

Via Loic LeMeur’s Wiki I found some excellent research from last year about the Spanish speaking blogosphere (Spain, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and Uruguay). The average Spanish (speaking) blogger seems to be:

– male (77%)
– between 20 and 26 years (graph)
– an experienced internet user (more than 5 years)
– about half have a broadband connection
– rarely shops online, about 80% buys online 1-5 times per year or never
– 33% use Blogger, 24% MovableType (graphs)
– 41% have their own domain name
– 68% have a blogroll with recommendations of other blogs (graph)
– 65% of bloggers have never had to erase a comment
– 89% of bloggers post from home, 37% post from work. (graphs)
– 37% spend half an hour per day on their blog
– 58% launched their blog a year ago, or less
– blogging makes 66% watch less tv and 42% sleep less (graph)
– bloggers think blogs are mainly a form of free expression (graph)
– 28% of bloggers and 19% of blog readers use an RSS reader