Increase in online ad spending

Internet is growing in importance as advertising medium, according to a survey from the Association of Swedish Advertisers. 89 of its members answered a survey about online advertising and:

– 72% advertise online today. Banners and co-operation are the most common ways, but more than half use search engine advertising.
– Nine out of ten see online advertising as a complement, most often to direct mail.
– Half will increase their online media budget this year, 45% spend as much as lasy tear.
– 80% spend 10% or less of their advertising budget online.

These numbers are surprisingly high, considering media consumers’ negative attitudes towards online ads. In a recent survey (pdf), also from the Association of Swedish Advertisers, Swedes say that online advertising is the second most impopular form of advertising, second only to email spam. 52% of the respondents say they dislike online advertising. Similarily, only 8% say they like online ads. Only radio commercials (6%) and spam (1%) get lower figures.

Movie commercials (43%) and sponsoring (39%) are the most popular forms of advertising.