Italian blog survey

Via the IAOCblog I found a new study about the Italian blogosphere. The IULM University in Milan has performed 600 online interviews which shows that Italian bloggers are mainly young:

“40% are students, 20% employees and 15% self-employed. Half of them are “mature” bloggers active for more than 6 months, while 9% are newbies who have just started blogging.

Italian bloggers are frequently online to search for information. The majority of those interviewed updates the blog at least three times per week, and 21% declares of writing on a daily basis. In addition, 65% of bloggers reads the blogs listed on his sidebar, 31% those of his friends, and 55% those of his readers.”

The survey also found that the Italian blogosphere grows at a 5% monthly rate.

Disclaimer: The fact that Italian bloggers are mainly young, might be an effect of the survey only interviewed respondents aged 20-35. I am not sure this is the case, but this page suggests that it is.

The respondents have also answered questions about the reasons why they started blogging, but I only found notes about this in Italian (and Babelfish doesn’t give a perfect translation). If anyone has more details in English I’d be happy to read it so I can compare with my Swedish survey.

More country specific blog research can be found here: Iran, Poland, Sweden (pdf), USA.