Hitchhiker’s movie blog is not a blog

The cult book The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy by Douglas Adams is being filmed and the launch of the movie is supported by a blog. I think it is a brilliant idea to use blogs to create a buzz for this movie. The book has cult status and an affectionate fan base, including myself and I guess many bloggers will spread the word about the movie blog even without examining it first. But the blog just doesn’t cut it yet. Why?

  • No comments function
  • No RSS feed
  • No permalinks, although some longer posts have unique URLs
  • Only 7 posts since its launch in May
  • A photo gallery was launched in June with only 2 photos so far

Content is everything, and this blog doesn’t have any. Is it even a blog? I would say no. The site even made my computer crash so I had to write this post twice.

Link via Micro Persuasion.