Media Culpa is one of 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!

Tired of reading ranking lists with the same old A-list blogs that everyone is already following? Well here’s a fresh take from CommPRO, a service from Marketwire and Sysomos. They have listed what they call “The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs With Chutzpah!” and I am extremely proud to be included among these great blogs.

Here’s what they write about Media Culpa:

PR blog

I am humbled and honoured to be included. Here is the presentation of the ten blogs:

Footnote: Chutzpah – definition here.

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Top 50 blogs for PR professionals is an online resource for MBA programs. In a blog post this weekend, the site lists the 50 best blogs for public relations professionals. I’m proud that Media Culpa is included in this distinguished crowd.

Check out the list and you will probably discover several new great blogs to follow.

Image credit: Doktor Spinn.

Top 10 Swedish Public Relations and Communications Blogs

Cision has published a ranking of the top 10 PR and Communications blogs in Sweden and I’m proud to announce that I have two blogs on the list. This blog, Media Culpa, is ranked at #3 and my Swedish language blog Sociala Medier is ranked #10.

Congratulations to Johan Ronnestam who claimed the top spot,  and to all the others on the list. Well deserved, all of you.


2. joinsimon

3. Media Culpa


5. jardenberg unedited


7. Doktor Spinn


9. Pers Värld


Similar lists from Cision include top PR blogs in Finland, Norway and the UK.

Media Culpa One Of 25 Essential PR Bloggers You Should Be Reading

I’m proud to read that Media Culpa has been named one of 25 Essential PR Bloggers You Should Be Reading by the online news distribution and online publicity service PRWeb, owned by NASDAQ-listed software company Vocus. PRWeb writes:

“Keeping up with what’s new and interesting in public relations news is important – vital strategies, tips and trends are shared each day that can impact your business.  Whether you’re looking for best practices on press release distribution or simply how to take advantage of social media, these blogs will prove invaluable. To keep up with the hottest and highest quality content, below are 25 essential public relations blogs you should be reading:”

It’s a great list of industry luminaries that you should start reading, if you’re not already doing so.

PR blogging in Iran

Trevor Cook posts about blogging in Iran, which reminds me that I had an email conversation a few weeks ago with Hossein Emami, who is a PR blogger in Iran.

Hossein, who is a real PR blog pioneer, has his own PR blog and he started and runs a corporate blog for his employer, the Export Development Bank of Iran.This was the first corporate blog in Iran. According to Hossein, one of the most important advantages of a corporate blog is the informal tone of voice, compared to more traditional ways of communication. His personal blog is called Ravabete Omoomi, which means “Public Relaions” in Farsi.


“Now there are 5 active bloggers in Iran who write about PR. I write about Media, electronic public relations, journalism, Information communication technology (ICT) etc.”

He says that there are two PR societies in Iran: and (link does not work at the moment) and that blogging is developing in Iran and Iranians are interested it very much. He points out that the vice president Mr. Abtahi has his own blog (mentioned on this blog earlier).


“There are many Iranian journalists who have blogs, such as Dr. Shokrkhah who is the chief editor of “Jam-e-Jam Online”. Jam-e-Jam is one of the newspapers in Iran with highest circulation. Altogether the journalists accept blogs, and use them as a good source of information.”

This is another illustrative example of how Swedish PR practitioners, journalists and politicians are lagging many other countries when it comes to blogging. Hopefully, the more articles are being written about blogging in Sweden, the more people will start their own blogs. The Swedish paper Axess has a long and interesting article about watchblogs and the influence of blogs on journalism. More of this, and blogging will take off soon. (Link to Axess via Erik Stattin)

The Online PR Week: July 12-16, 2004

A group of PR Bloggers is organising an online PR week to be held in July. The purpose of the week is to focus on some key issues and attract attention to the emerging role of PR bloggers in developing and spreading knowledge about public relations. Often decried as a secretive profession we want to share our knowledge with everyone and encourage a better understanding of the contribution we make to our societies.

Trevor Cook, who publishes the Corporate Engagement blog from Australia, is the mastermind behind a week of PR debate being hosted by twenty PR bloggers around the globe.

I will be participating if I can get the logistics to work. I will be offline during the first part of the week.

Program: Draft as of May 26 (more info on the New PR Wiki)

MONDAY 12 JULY – PR in the Age of Participatory Journalism

Steve Rubel (Micro-Persuasion) interviewing Jay Rosen, Chair, NYU Department of Journalism, author of the Pressthink weblog (confirmed)

Trevor Cook (Corporate Engagement)

Ryan May (Minnesota Public Relations Blog)

TUESDAY 13 JULY – Corporate Blogging

Jeremy Wright (Ensight)

Trudy Schuett (WOLves) How Business, Governments and Non-profits can use blogs to communicate with the public

Roland Tanglao (Streamline)

Hans Kullin (Media Culpa)

Todd Sattersten (A Penny For…) and (800-CEO-READ Blog.)

Wayne Hurlbert (Blog Business World)

WEDNESDAY 14 JULY – Making PR Work: Creativity and Strategy

Elizabeth Albrycht (CorporatePR) – Corporate PR – Practical strategies

Alice Marshall (Technoflak) – Media relations issues – including pitching small businesses to editors

Bernard Goldbach (Irish Eyes) – Promoting client messages through blogs

Mike Manuel (Media Guerrilla) – Micro media measurement

Angelo Fernando (Hoi Polloi) – Impact of blogs on PR and Marcomms

Anthony V Parcero, (eKetchum Digital Media Group) – Developing interactive PR strategies

THURSDAY 15 JULY – Crisis Management

Jim Horton (Online PR)

Kevin Dugan (Strategic PR) – On the Martha Stewart case

Colin McKay (Canuckflack)

Steve Rubel (Micro-Persuasion) interviewing Dan Gillmor of the San Jose Mercury News and author of the forthcoming book We the Media

FRIDAY 16 JULY – The State of the PR Profession

Richard Bailey (PR Studies)

Robb Hecht (PR Machine)

Tom Murphy (PR Opinions)

Philip Young (Mediations) – Ethics in PR