NRK joins OpenID

NRK, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, follows in the footsteps of BBC and today decided to become an OpenID provider. The reason behind the decision is that:

“The growth in user generated material, interaction with users and increased flow across NRK’s various content platforms raises the issue of a single sign-on system and the OpenID framework -which is an open, decentralised free framework for user-centric digital identity (quoting openID)- is considered to fulfill most of NRK’s needs.”

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NRK published Arafat’s obituary

Ever wondered how media so quickly are able to publish an obituary over a person who passed away? Well, in most cases it’s because of a highly skilled staff who are trained in research and used to speedy writing. But sometimes media write obituaries in advance to have them ready if a person who is ill is about to give up the ghost. Only trouble is if media happen to publish the obituary before the individual actually has died. This is exactly what happened to, the website of the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

For one hour last Saturday, had an article on the website about the death of Yasser Arafat. The article’s headline was “The star of Palestine has faded away”. The article continued “He never got to experience what he dedicated his life to; the proclamation of an independent Palestinian state. Nevertheless, Yasser Arafat’s name will always have a special standing in the history of the Palestinians and the whole Middle East.”

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