The Telegraph can see into the future

What type of journalism could be more up to date than live broadcast or real time reporting? The UK paper the Telegraph may have come up with a solution – publishing articles from the future. Today, Feb 5, 2012, the Telegraph has published an article from March 4, 2012. I knew the Brits were smart, but to see one month into the future was even more than I expected.

Of course, there could be another explanation. That the Education Editor dropped out of math in school… 😉



SVT finds Pirate Bay both guilty and not guilty

The four men behind the bittorrent tracker the Pirate Bay today was sentenced to one year in jail and 30 million kronor in damages. But a few minutes before the verdic was announced, SVT – the Swedish public service television – published two articles online, one in which the team behind the Pirate Bay was acquitted and one in which it was found guilty. See screen dump here.


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Harry Potter is dead

This could possibly qualify as blooper of the year. The Nobel Prize laureate Harold Pinter died on Christmas Day, but when Swedish Radio (SR) reported about it, Pinter turned into Harry Potter.

“The British writer and dramatist Harry Potter is dead, it was announced today. Potter received the Nobel Prize in literature in 2005. He wrote about 30 plays and more than 20 screenplays. He was 78 years old.”

Listen to the news item during the 00.00 broadcast, Dec 26 (at the very bottom of the page). Download in mp3 format also available. The piece about Pinter/Potter starts at 1.26 minutes.

FT publishes dummy page

Financial Times, one of the world’s most respected papers, yesterday (12 Sept) published an entire page full of dummy texts like “Headline here that reflects a story about Chirac, de Villepin and that man Sarkozy” and “Chirac caption here: you can make it say as much or as little as you wantdfjdfd”. That man Sarkozy…!

The page repeats this nonsense text over and over again: “Lorum ibsum decorum upyabum and hows your father. This is dummy copy and has been created with the sole purpose of training users in the joys of producing via methode.”


Pretty hilarious. Hat tip to Vassa eggen.