Top 10 Twitter Cities in Europe

Twitter Grader analyzes Twitter users’ Location settings and ranks the top countries and cities in the world. Of course, this is a blunt tool since people don’t always reveal their true location and some cities are spelled differently in different languages (Gothenburg vs Göteborg). Nevertheless, it’s still interesting to see the locations with most users. From Twitter Grader’s list of top cities, I’ve created this list of Top Twitter Cities in Europe.

1. London, United Kingdom (over all rank #1)
2. Paris, France (#28)
3. Manchester, United Kingdom (#35)
4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands (#37)
5. Berlin, Germany (#38)
6. Dublin, Ireland (#51)
7. Stockholm, Sweden (#56)
8. Glasgow, United Kingdom (#59)
9. Madrid, Spain (#60)
10. Oslo, Norway (#67)

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