Tuesday Twitter Topics

Here are a few interesting stories about Twitter that I’d like to share with you:

The Teen, The Tweet, And The Governor:
The story about what happens when a teenager tells a governor “#heblowsalot” on Twitter. The governor’s office reacted and the girl’s school demanded that she’d write a letter of apology, which she refused. A telling tale of how over-reaction can create a crisis out of nothing.

Marmite soars up Twitter after 20-tonne spillage
In the UK, Marmite became the top trending topic on Twitter this morning after 23.5 tonnes of it were spilled on the motorway. Lot’s of witty comments were all over Twitter, like this one by @clurr:

there’s 20 tonnes of marmite on the m1! quick, to sheffield with toast”

In Chile, Protesting Students Tweak Tweets to Win Global Support:
Students in Chile are using Twitter to gain support for protests of the costs of education. More about this social movement can be found at http://mobilized2011.tk/

Citroën To Begin Twitter Race; Route Determined By Followers’ Tweets
Citroën recently launched a competition in which participants were asked to tweet directions and tell the driver of a car, where she should travel. By calculating which direction is the most requested, she would drive towards that direction until the next request is processed. One of the participants would then be able to win the new Citroën DS5.

Arabic highest growth on Twitter, English expression stabilizes below 40%
English no longer make up the majority of tweets on Twitter, 60% of tweets are in other languages. Arabic sees explosive growth, according to a study by Semiocast.

Access to Twitter in China during Golf World Cup
International golf stars, spectators and media at the World Cup on the southern Chinese island of Hainan enjoyed uncensored Internet access denied to 1.3 billion Chinese. The owners of the five-star Mission Hills golf complex in Hainan managed to temporarily lift the Chinese ban of sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Fill it up and get fined

Citroën is running a tv commercial in Sweden for its C5 model with references to the new rules that allow Swedes to import larger volumes of beer. The C5 carries 49 cases of beer, 4 more than the competing model Volvo V70.

Problem is, that if someone would actually fill his car with 49 cases of beer, the would run the risk of being fined for exceeding the maximum weight the car is allowed to take, with 200 kilos.

The reporter at Resumé asks the Account Manager at ad agency Euro RSCG: “did you think about that?”.

Ad guy: “Yes, of course we did”.

Seems like they took a calculated risk.