The web is the most common place to complain

According to a UK survey by Lightspeed Research, customers are now making complaints about brands more often on the web than on the phone. It is far more common among 18-34 year-olds to complain on Facebook than among older consumers (15% compared to 5% and 4%).

How do you normally make complaints about brands?

How do you complain
Consumers expect brands to respond quickly. 13% expect a reaction within an hour and 63% within a day or less (50 + 13%).

How quickly would you expect a brand to get back to you? (those who lodged a complaint online)

chart customer complaints

3 thoughts on “The web is the most common place to complain”

  1. This isn’t surprising at all, as social media sites are used by so many people. It is easier to complain online and expect a fast response, so companies have to pay attention, listen, and act fast. Companies should always be aware of what’s being said, and make sure they utilize social media to their customers’ advantage.

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