Ten Swedish newspaper editors on micro blogs

A while back I was listed by Medievärlden as one of ten micro bloggers that all journalists should follow. Now Medievärlden lists ten Swedish newspaper editors on micro blogs.

Thomas Mattsson, Expressen Digitala Medier Twitter / Bloggy
Charlotta Friborg, dn.se Twitter / Jaiku / Bloggy
Anders Olofsson, Sydsvenskan Digitala Medier Twitter / Bloggy / Jaiku
Sören Karlsson, hd.se Twitter / Bloggy / Jaiku
Björn Wiman, Expressen Twitter / Bloggy
Anette Novak, Norran Twitter / Bloggy
Magnus Höij, Internetworld Twitter / Bloggy / Jaiku
Ebba von Sydow, veckorevyn.se Twitter
Axel Björklund, Dnpastan Twitter
Anna Hjalmarsson, Aftonbladet Twitter

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