Laughing baby video makes the Queen giggle

For some reason a large amount of people suddenly arrive at my blog through different links to the world famous Laughing Baby video, the amateur video with Swedish baby William. After a few Technorati searches I found what might be the reason behind this sudden interest. Apparently Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the UK headquarters of Google a few days ago and were shown the video, which according to reports made the royal couple giggle.

The Queen thought it most amusing. “Lovely little thing, isn’t it?” the Queen said. “Amazing a child would laugh like that.”

Maybe that was a great distraction from a somewhat embarrassing moment when Google staff were unable to show the location of their own office to the Royal visitors using Google Earth.

The video has to date been viewed 64 million times and is among the top ten most viewed YouTube videos of all time. Little William has even become a character in South Park.

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