Almost 2 million Swedes read blogs

Following up on my previous post, I have now read through parts of the World Internet Institute’s new report about how Swedes use the internet.

Some of the more interesting findings are:

– 350,000 Swedes have a blog (estimate), or 6% of the online population.
– 1,900,000 Swedes read blogs (estimate), or 33% of the online population. That means that there are more than five times as many blog readers as there are bloggers. Possibly a good argument against the common view that “nobody reads blogs”.
– Young women between 16 and 25 years are frequent blog readers, see graph below. As many as 52% of all girls 16-18 years that are online, read blogs.


– There is a big difference in which types of communities that attract women and men. Women are more frequent users of social communities while men are more frequent users of hobby and professional communities, see graph below. In my BlogSweden 3 survey the responses indicated that women are more motivated by social interaction than men, which was also a result from a study by Kaye Trammell: “Female bloggers, however, were somewhat more motivated by social interaction (67.1%) than were their male counterparts (51.3%).”


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