State of the blogosphere – with a Swedish twist

Technorati has just released its latest State of the Blogosphere 2008 report. Technorati now tracks 133 million blogs, but only 1.5 million of those blogs were updated during the last 7 days.

state of the blogosphere

Here are some of the findings, with comments about the Swedish blogosphere as a comparison (from the BlogSweden 3 survey).

– 66% of the bloggers are male. 73% of European bloggers are male. (Swe: 76% are female)
– 50% are 18-34 years (Swe: 55% are 16-25 years)
– Female bloggers: only 9% are 18-24 years (Swe: a large portion, don’t have exact figures right now, are 16-20 years)
– Female bloggers: topics are more likely to be personal. 66% blog about personal musings (Swe: female blog readers like to read blogs about fasion and design (53%) and everyday life experiences (52%)).
– Women blog to stay connected and to make connections. (Swe: Female bloggers blog to a higher extent than male bloggers to get in touch with others and to stay in touch with friends and family)

Personal/lifestyle most popular blog topic.

technorati topics

Sweden: the most popular blog topics to read is “everyday life experiences”.


Self expression and sharing expertise are the top reasons for blogging.
technorati why blog

Sweden: self expression (I like to write) most popular reason to blog.

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