Bilddagboken reaches 80 percent of Swedish youth

bilddagboken Bilddagboken is Sweden’s largest youth community where members can upload and share photos. The site has now reached 1.3 million unique visitors per week (unique web browsers), which is a 50% increase in one year (862,000 per week a year ago). The growth is good news for the owner Wyatt Media Group, which also owns the previous darling among Swedish youth communities – Lunarstorm. Lunarstorm has lost more than half of its visitors during the last 12 months, down from 673,000 weekly unique web browsers to 303,000 last week, a drop by 55%. According to Ekonominyheterna, visits to Lunarstorm peaked in March 2006 with 1.6 million visitors.

Stats from KIAindex.

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