DagensPS introduces Twingly – we saw it coming

Swedish news site DagensPS.se has redesigned and introduces social bookmarks and blog links via Twingly. Sound familiar? Thats’ because we told you so, already back in March.

Today Dagens Media writes that the new site is launched, with social bookmarks and Twingly links. We also wrote that DagensPS were testing to let readers start their own blogs, but that feature has not become a reality yet.

Our screen dumps also showed that DagensPS planned to launch a media monitoring feature called PS Spy. That has now gone live and DagensPS’ CEO Bengt Uggla promises it will challenge professional monitoring services “that cost from 15,000 kronor per year”. PS Spy has taken a year to develop and significant investments. Uggla hopes to attract hundreds of thousands of users. The beta version that went live today searches online news sites and blogs in Sweden and the rest of the world. But it only seems to be searching sources during the last 7 days and the number of blogs it searches cannot be very large either. A simple search for “Lindex” only gives us 11 hits from as few as two blogs, Engla’s Showroom and Modefeber, incorrectly named Macfeber. Twingly’s own blog search engine finds 11 hits among Swedish blogs during the last 4 and a half hours alone. And that is a free service. On top of that, with Twingly and other free services like for example Knuff.se, you can subscribe to search results by RSS but I cannot find this feature to be available on PS Spy. We would also have liked the social bookmarking tools to be included in PS Spy, but they are not.

Media Culpa’s verdict: back to the lab again.

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