Aftonbladet has Sweden’s top fashion blog – not!

In his bestselling book The Long Tail, Chris Anderson writes that the U.S. is a country obsessed with watching top lists, a culture which basically is one big popularity contest. In many aspects, Sweden is not much different. Bloggers like to compete and just this morning I had to check my ranking among Europe’s top marketing bloggers (#49 based on traffic) so I’m as guilty as the next guy. In other words, it is not surprising that when a blog or newspaper rank high on a list, they want to share that information with others. But the least you can ask for is that the ‘bragging’ is based on the truth.

I probably shouldn’t have given this article any attention, but it is hard to resist. The Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet today writes that one of their blogs is the most visited Swedish fashion blog.

“Sofi writes the largest Swedish fashion blog.”

That can only be true if you don’t consider Blondinbella, Kenza and Stina-Lee’s blogs to be fashion blogs. All three, by most people and themselves labelled fashion blogs, have more visitors than Aftonbladet’s Sofi Fahrman.

fashion blogs

Much can be said about the editiorial quality of blogs, but today a couple of teenage girls are more accurate than one of the largest Swedish mainstream media.

Footnote: Numbers in the graph are from and states the number of visits per IP address and hour during the last 7 days.

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