62% of Facebook users are on MySpace

Read/Write Web has some interesting statistics from Rapleaf about Facebook users compared to users of five social networking sites on the OpenSocial platform. Turns out that 62% of Facebook users are on MySpace. Other intersting stats include:

– The greatest overlap between OpenSocial container sites exists between Myspace and Hi5, in which 43% of Hi5 users also use Myspace.

– Facebook users are 63% female and 36% male whereas the sites integrated with the OpenSocial platform are 61% female and 38% male.

– 52% of Facebook users are 18-25, whereas 40% of the users are 18-25 for the five container sites on the OpenSocial platform.

– Facebook users tend to use 2.9 major social networking sites on average whereas users of OpenSocial container sites tend to use 2.7 major social networking sites.

It was quite interesting to see that Facebook and Plaxo users are far more often also users of the other social networks listed in the research, than MySpace users. Although MySpace users on average are using 2.4 major social networking sites, they are not keen on using Facebook, LinkedIn, Friendster, Plaxo or Hi5 (see graph below).

Read the graph like this: the horizontal axis are users of the respective site, the graph shows how many percent of them are also using other social networks. 20% of Plaxo users are also on Facebook for example.

So does that mean that you can cover most Facebook users if you are on the OpenSocial platform? I don’t know, you would probably need to ask whether or not they are really active or just passive members.

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