Cision monitors blogs with Twingly

I’ve been almost completely offline for about a month, an awkward feeling for a person who usually reads three or four papers in the morning and constantly has one eye on the web. I have spent the last few weeks at my summer house without tv, newspapers or the internet. But now I’m back home again and will hopefully blog a bit more often.

From the news flood I’ve picked this story to start off the new semester. This week, media intelligence company Cision (formerly Observer, or Bacon’s in the US), announced that it will start monitoring blogs in the Nordic countries with Primelabs’ service Twingly. Alexander Mason, business developer at Cision says that there is a demand from companies for convenient monitoring services that summarize information from the blogosphere, in spite of many free alternatives.

Cision gets access to more than 100,000 Nordic blogs via Twingly, according to a press release from Primelabs. Half of those are Swedish.

Footnote: Swedish media such as Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, IDG and Dagen use Twingly to track blog comments to their online editions.

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