Ljungkvist got citizen journalism award

A huge congratulations to my friend Magnus Ljungkvist who yesterday was awarded “Nyhetspriset 2007, Årets avslöjande”, a new citizen journalism award that was founded by the political blog Politikerbloggen and the PR agency Prime PR. Ljungkvist received 25,000 kronor for his articles that later led to the resignation of Sweden’s Minister for Trade, Maria Borelius. A series of negative articles took off after Magnus Ljungkvist revealed some startling facts about her and her husband’s income during the 90’s. Borelius only lasted a record short period of 8 days as Minister. More background here.

The Swedish tabloid Expressen got the prestigious journalism award Guldspaden 2006 for the same story, although they published their “scoop” after Ljungkvist.

Johan Larsson, the man behind blog portals like knuff.se, intressant.se and nyligen.se, also got an award yesterday for his efforts to build great services for the Swedish blogosphere.