Survey of blog readers

Swedish marketing weekly Dagens Media has asked about 1,000 Swedes if and how they read blogs.

Respondents who read blogs:
* Daily: 11%
* Weekly: 14%
* Every second week: 4%
* Monthly: 41%
* Never: 31%

* 14% of the women read blogs daily, compared to 7% of the men

One caveat with the survey is that it is performed via market research institute Zapera’s web panel. From the article it is not clear what that means, but according to Zapera Quickwise’s web page, members sign up to this panel voluntarily and also get paid for participation. One could suspect that these individuals have a somewhat different profile than the average Swede.

And to be included in the panel you need to have both mobile phone and internet access. “Only” 80% of Swedes have access to the internet at home and a few more probably have access at work. So until more details about the respondents are published, I would be careful about attributing the findings to the average Swede.

[Update:] And another thing, I would not necessarily agree that Aftonbladet’s blogs are the most popular in Sweden. Why? Because Aftonbladet is a blog platform and portal, and should as such be compared to other blog platforms like,, and others. Aftonbladet may still be on top, but it’s not fair to compare their platform with individual blogs.

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