Rojo missing from FeedBurner stats

At the bottom of the right column of this blog there is an icon that shows how many subscribers that are currently subscribing to my FeedBurner RSS feed. A while ago the number dropped to about 15-20 percent of what it used to be and then it went back up again. At the beginning of January the number was very close to 1,000, but two weeks ago it dropped again to about 200. The reason was that there is a problem with reporting Rojo subscribers. FeedBurner writes:

“Due to a bug with the way Rojo is reporting subscribers for some feeds, we’re temporarily disabling the Rojo count in subscriber numbers. Rojo is aware of the issue and is working on it. Once the fix is in place and the numbers are accurate, we will resume including Rojo’s subscriber count here.”

I have had a hard time accepting that as many as 4 out of 5 subscribers to this feed are using Rojo and it will be interesting to see if the ratio has changed once Rojo is included in the statistics again.

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