Badly disguised photo reveals identity of football player

A scandal broke in Sweden today regarding a player in the Sweden national football team. Jnytt, a local news site in Jönköping, claims that the player took back an investment in a finance company just before it went bust. The player’s identity is not revealed but the photo is badly disguised so anyone who would run a Google search on different players in the national team would soon find the original.

Here is the blurred photo, and here is the original.

Now you might wonder how I dare to disclose who the player is, but don’t worry. TV4 has already written that the player is Erik Edman and published a statement from Edman in which he denies the allegations printed in Jnytt.

Funny though that although Edman himself has chosen to talk openly about the incident, Aftonbladet still has a blurred photo, more than two hours after his statement was issued.

UPDATE: Jnytt has now “un-blurred” the photo.

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