PR blogging doesn’t pay the bills

Some miscellaneous stuff:

– The Internet is “the new battleground for Israel’s image“. CJR Daily about the PR war between Israel and Lebanon. Via Vassa Eggen.

“To be a well-known PR blogger does not pay the bills”, quote by John Wagner in an article about PR blogging from PRSA’s publication the Strategist. Via Communication Overtones.

– Apple are claiming legal rights to the word pod, “arguing that other companies that use the word as part of their product names risk infringing the trademark of its popular iPod music player”, writes FT. Apple Computer, as you may remember, is the company that has been sued by the Beatles’ company, Apple Corps, for violating a 1991 trademark agreement by moving into the music business.

– In Sweden, it is ok to name a hockey team Frölunda Indians (question is why anyone would do that). In the US, the Washington Redskins are constantly under fire for use of a derogatory term. Now six Native Americans are filing a joint petition with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office asking for cancellation of the trademarked term “Redskins”.

They’re here, Levi’s jeans with built in remote control for iPods. Sigh.

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