Milking the moment

You can tell that the World Cup is getting closer and closer when any incident becomes a two-page story. Dagens Nyheter’s female photographer got a phone call in the middle of the night two days ago at her Danish hotel. Player Roberto Acuña of Paraguay had asked FIFA employee Manuel Hoffmann to make the call and try to arrange a date with the photographer. The player was clearly out of line, but you might say that DN is milking the moment when the story gets two full pages two days in a row, in the news section (not in Sports). On top of that DN has translated the articles to English and Spanish in order to get international attention.

Need I say that Paraguay is in Sweden’s group in the World Cup? But I guess that anything that can disturb our opponents’ concentration on the game is welcome…

Update, June 2: Today DN has another full page although nothing new has happened. DN says that FIFA “will still let Hoffmann work for Paraguay during the World Cup”. Oh, the horror. Anyway, Ann-Charlotte Martues writes a very funny and sarcastic piece about the story in today’s Expressen.

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