Sweden’s 10 most influential blogs

Media monitoring company Observer has compiled a list of the ten most influential blogs in Sweden, and I am at #5. Erik Stattin is the doyen of the Swedish blogosphere and he is rightfully at the top of the list, which is all male in fact.

The list has two group blogs (#3 and #7) and is heavily skewed to the right of the political scale. One would almost consider it a Timbro jackpot, considering the connections between liberal think tank Timbro and #2, #3, #6 and #9, which I have mentioned previously on this blog. Furthermore it is interesting to note that there are at least four blogs on the list that started only this year, namely my own, JKL’s, Stockholm Spectator and PJ Just Nu.

1. Erik Stattin

2. Johan Norberg

3. PJ Just Nu

4. Per Gudmundson

5. Hans Kullin

6. JKL

7. Stockholm Spectator

8. Nicklas Lundblad

9. Dick Erixon

10. Peter Lindberg