The Ministry of Justice stole articles

The Ministry of Justice in Sweden stole articles from the paper Riksdag & Departement (Parliament & Departement), writes Journalisten, the paper of The Swedish Union of Journalists. The articles were put up on the Ministry of Justice web page by a civil servant who thought the paper was an official organ of the Swedish government and that copyright was not applicable. But R & D is an independent publication and the journalists have their own copyright agreements with the editor.

R & D often is mistaken for a government publication, which upsets the editorial staff.

– It is a label that we are trying to get rid of, says reporter Staffan Thulin.

On R & D’s web page they clearly state that all material is copyright protected, but it seems that the paper is trying to look like an official publication. R & D labels itself ”Political journal from the Parliament, the Government and EU” and all journalists have email addresses with the domain name “” which is the domain of the Swedish Parliament.