The world’s oldest blogger has been dethroned

“It’s a man’s man’s man’s world”, sang James Brown back in 1966, but when we look at the online world it is increasingly becoming a woman’s world. In the US as much as 64 percent of online gamers are women, according to research by Nielsen Entertainment. In my own surveys (pdf) of the Swedish blogosphere I noticed that female bloggers are now in majority (albeit with a very slim margin) in Sweden and a recenty study of social networks (pdf) by Pew Internet revealed that among online teens, 58% of the girls had created profiles online, but only 51% of the boys. In the age group 15-17 the difference was even greater (70% to 57%).

With that in mind maybe it is just fair that Allan Lööf, who was previously the world’s oldest blogger, has now been dethroned by a woman, 95-year old Maria Arelia from Spain. According to an article in Sweden’s Aftonbladet, she got her blog as a gift from her grand children on her 95th birthday. Maria Arelia was born on Dec 23, 1911 and she writes on her blog that she has already been interviewed by radio and tv. [Hat tip to BetaAlfa 2.0]

Maybe we should settle this competition once and for all by giving a blog to Emiliano Mercado del Toro from Puerto Rico, currently the world’s oldest living person (born August 21, 1891).

UPDATE: Sadly, Mr. del Toro has now passed away.

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