Wishes for 2007

Christmas has not only been a period away from work, but also away from blogging. But Lotta at Citizen Media Watch has tagged me with a challenge – to list five things that I hope or know will happen in 2007. So here are five personal wishes for next year:

1. That a family member will get well.

2. That I to a greater extent will have the opportunity to meet with companies and organisations to hold speeches and give advice on PR and social media related topics.

3. I am going to be on paternal leave for six months which I hope will be a rewarding experience for both me and my daughter.

4. I wish that the summer house we are planning to build will be everything we dreamed of. And on budget.

5. That I get to travel to Brazil, although it is unlikely that it will happen.

Here are five others that I would like to answer this challenge: Andreas Ekström, Goesta & Aaron, Göran Thorstenson, Jonas Söderström and Sakine.