Timbro in the blogosphere #4

The free market think-tank Timbro continues to secure its grip on the Swedish part of the blogosphere, and the only op-ed blog, Svenska Dagbladet’s PJ Just Nu is naturally happy to report about it. Yesterday PJ Anders Linder reported on a new libertarian blog, by Johnny Munkhammar from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Munkhammar has written op-ed pieces together with Timbro’s Johan Norberg and had books published by Timbro. On his blog, Munkhammar links to both Timbro and Smedjan. Maybe there is something in the nature of blogs that libertarians are particularily quick to pick up. Either way, any parties opposing the opinions that Timbro et al are bringing to the market, is way behind in the blogosphere.

Footnote: I have previously reported about libertarian blogs like nyliberal.se, Dick Erixon, Johan Norberg and the connections between them and PJ Anders Linder, here, here, here and here.

SvD editorial blog a sandbox for free market think-tank Timbro

Svenska Dagbladet’s editorial blog PJ Just Nu, is turning out to be a sandbox for liberal think-tank Timbro. Yesterday I mentioned the Timbro connections between PJ Anders Linder and the first three blogs he recommends. In today’s paper Svenska Dagbladet comments on yesterday’s succesful blog launch and quotes two people. Who? Timbro thinkers Dick Erixon and Johan Norberg of course.

On the blog today Linder “debunks” Morgan Spurlocks film Supersize me and gets support from Waldemar Ingdahl, president of Swedish think-tank Eudoxa. Ingdahl who by coincidence also has published a book at Timbro.

Both Eudoxa and Timbro are part of International Policy Network. IPN’s main mission is to “support and help establish international, rightwing thinktanks, to organise conferences and campaigns, and to write articles promoting its agenda.”

Also, read this review of Eudoxa’s political connections by Michael H. Chung, Senior Fellow at Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, University of Washington.